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Comments from Customers

"Having used just about every mapping software available I can only say that VrOne is by far the easiest most functional package available. I have used VrOne since it's inception and have always been impressed with the simple user interface combined with a series of batch routines that allow us to produce the most accurate, professional product possible."

Tom Lussier - Vice President
Virginia Resource Mapping

"VrOne with all its options, is one of the best collection and edit software ever. Being in the photography business we use digital photographs in the background of the mapping as a QA/QC feature. We use VrOne as an everyday staple in our business."

Mark Detrick VP/PSM
Aerial Cartographics of America

"I have found that VrOne is a significant improvement over the software we have been using. It is much easier to use, allowing for faster more accurate editing. As with any new piece of software, there is naturally, a learning curve. The learning curve for me has been rather small, thanks in part, to the ease at which the commands can be accessed. One doesn't have to wade through a seemingly endless array of dialog boxes to get to the command that is needed."

Mark Rusk
LANDAIR Mapping, Inc.

"Vr Mapping Software is much more than photogrammetric software packages, it's a commitment to mapping professionals! By providing the industry with innovative experience, cutting-edge technologies, responsive customer service and technical support, Cardinal Systems is continually helping our company to provide the highest quality products and service to our clients."

Jeff Crenshaw - Northern Division Manager
North American Mapping

"Outstanding, the best software ever, Vr has increased our production flow beyond our expectations. The staff at Cardinal Systems, LLC. and Softmap, Inc. provided complete support and excellent service throughout the transition to Vr. The best feature of Vr is the amount of time or better yet the lack of time that required our staff to ramp up for production."

Jeff Cooper
Cooper Aerial Surveys

"Our goal has always been to make the most accurate, attractive, descriptive map possible, VrOne allows us to do that, and more. With the addition of the Python programming environment there is almost no limit to the function we can add to what has to be one of the most user oriented systems available."

Dennis Shimer - Certified Photogrammetrist
MAN Mapping

"Great intelligent mapping software. It increased our production in compilation, editing, and orthophotos. The support is excellent. I recommend you try Vr Software, within days you will want to switch."

Paul Badr, CP, PLS
Independent Mapping Consultants, Inc.

"I have been using VrOne to batch edit dense, large-scale map files. I have been extremely pleased to find all the functions I require, along with an easy to use and intuitive interface. Editing has now become a lot easier, and data collection much faster. Thanks for completing those functions I asked for."

Steven T. Welebny, C.P.
Certified Photogrammetrist - EMCO Geomatics

"VrOne is now being used exclusively on all the Florida office's stereo plotters. It is extremely fast for the quality control of the large amount of data being collected for our DTM and TIN projects."

John R. Banta, PSM - Surveyor and Mapper in Responsible Charge - Stereocompilation Manager
Spectrum Mapping

“As far as software goes, ease of use, flexibility, and customer support are most important to us at UGS. VrOne is unmatched in all three. Customized functions are greatly appreciated. Our geologic mapping has been vastly improved due to VrOne. The editing functions are so superior that we often import GIS data into VrOne for editing and then export back into our GIS”.

Kent Brown
GIS Analyst / Photogrammetrist
Utah Geological Survey

"VrMosaic gives us the same speed, flexibility, and ease of use we have grown used to in the Vr line of products. At the same time I appreciate the fresh thinking and practical design that actually makes it an enjoyable way to turn out a quality product."

Dennis Shimer - Certified Photogrammetrist
MAN Mapping

"Since we purchased VrOrtho, we stopped using our other ortho software package that we thought was good. VrOrtho is efficient and user friendly, we setup the project in minutes, batch, and let it run. You don't need to create a TIN in some other platform and import it in, just tell it where your Vr file is, specify your DTM layers and that is it. I recommend for anyone to try VrOrtho and you too will stop using you other ortho software."

Paul Badr, CP, PLS
Independent Mapping Consultants, Inc.

"By introducing Vr Mapping Software to our photogrammetric production workflow, we have experienced a distinct and noticeable improvement in productivity along with higher satisfaction level of our clients. It is also now the most popular and user friendly Photogrammetric Mapping Software with our staff. The technical support from Cardinal Systems also has been excellent."

Pierre de Rancourt
Managing Director
Kampsax India Private Limited

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