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With a long and successful history of developing photogrammetric and mapping solutions, Cardinal Systems continues to provide the most powerful, pragmatic mapping tools available today.

Vr Mapping’s overall program design, implementation and software support is born from knowledge and experience gained over 25 years in the mapping industry.


The time-tested tools are structured into logical program modules which include VrOne®, VrTwo, VrThree (VrLiDAR), VrOrtho, VrAirTrig, VrMosaic, VrBalance, VrVolumes, VrLite, VrImage Utility and VrController offering the ability to structure workflows to produce the high quality mapping products your customers demand.​

Vr Mapping Software is more than software packages, it's a commitment to mapping professionals.


The software products developed for mapping offer the ability to structure workflow using a single input source or a hybrid of input sources to produce the desired deliverable.

Vr Mapping addresses the collection, processing and delivery of intelligent data from many sources including imagery, LiDAR, surface models and point clouds in a cohesive way.


Cardinal’s support is backed by it's industry experienced support staff.  Our mapping professionals help with your issues by drawing on many years of practical knowledge of mapping production.

Software support includes an on-line ticket support system for tracking progress on software support issues and guaranteeing the proper attention to detail that software support requires.

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