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VrAirTrig / VrAdjust

Innovative and Familiar

NOTE: A new version of Vr Aerial Triangulation is currently in alpha testing.  Please visit VrAirTrig / VrAutoTie / VrBundle for more information.


Vr Aerial Triangulation with VrAdjust is a stand alone program for the collection and processing of aerial triangulation data

VrAirTrig adheres to Cardinal Systems philosophy "easy to learn, easy to use and affordable" and simplifies the accurate collection of aerial triangulation data.  The project management tool helps manage large jobs with the speed and flexibility needed for maximum efficiency in production.


This innovative program enables the technician to layout images of the complete project and to display all readings as either "to be read" or "completed".

Cardinal Systems easy to use interface allows the setting up, reading and export of aerial triangulation readings on unlimited sized blocks of photography.

Flexible project management - VrAirTrig responds rapidly to many tasks required in managing projects. Tracking the progress of large jobs is very easy with the use of this modern software. By allowing the viewing of all photos and data simultaneously, up to the moment status is reported instantly.


Simple project layout - The Layout mode in VrAirTrig enables a one time set up for the whole project. Layout simulates the function of laying out individual photos on a large table. Inner orientation and photo point measurements are displayed along with image edges, photo names and photo data strip directions. Functions such as point deletion and measurement viewing are included in layout.

Interactive point measurement - When a point is to be measured the operator has the option of observing the point in the left and right photo, auto-correlation or viewing the area in stereo mode.


Full control of measuring mark type, size and color - This user-friendly feature enables the technician to customize the cursor to the current image location and condition.

Blunder detection during point measurement - An indispensable element providing instant alert to error. Re-measures and resets are fast and easy with VrAirTrig.


Point management - Point management is done from layout and includes add, delete, change, search, show measured control and drive to unmeasured control.

Computations - At anytime from layout the current point data may be strip and block adjusted using the Photo Triangulation software. This computation is a one button solution and does not require exporting. Results are shown in easy to read reports. This option is additional.


Features include


  • An innovative, yet familiar approach to AT measurement

  • Flexible project management

  • Optional one button project strip and block adjustment

  • Simple project layout allowing viewing of all photos and data

  • Ability to move photos and strips interactively in project layout

  • Point management at project layout level

  • Manual, auto-correlated and stereo point measurement modes

  • On the fly full control of measuring mark type, size and color

  • Blunder detection during point measurement

  • Easy export of readings to other adjustment packages

  • Manual or automated reading of fiducials

  • Automatic photo preparation options

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