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Orthophoto production made easy

VrOrtho is a standalone program that generates digital orthophotos from aerial photography.

Powerful, with the ability to process small jobs interactively or large jobs in batch mode, VrOrtho keeps the easy to use feel of VrOne®. When used with VrOne®, the use of Digital Terrain Model data is seamless and transparent. Results of the orthophoto process are easily reviewed in VrOne®.  VrOrtho keeps the Vr Mapping Software tradition by offering a user-oriented, easy to use orthophoto production package. An intuitive work flow may be maintained with project management and image status features.

Small or Large Job Support - Whether the job requires a few orthophotos or a few hundred orthophotos, VrOrtho has the ability to handle both. Orthophoto task progress is easily monitored and controlled with the VrOrtho Image Status window.

Interactive Orthophoto Area Selection - Interactive orthophoto area selection is available with the ability to define areas as rectangles or polygons. Real time ground values are obtained from the photo orientation while an accurate elevation may be obtained real-time from the current DTM area.


Seamless DTM Import from VrOne® - Although VrOne® is not required to run VrOrtho, DTM point and line data may be imported seamlessly into VrOne®. This offers VrOrtho the ability to obtain real-time, interactive elevations from a single photograph. This also gives the ability to model only the necessary DTM data when generating orthophotos.


Single Photo Resection - For small jobs that do not have exterior orientations available from aerial triangulation, an interactive single photo resection application is available. This application allows full resolution image viewing and point measurement with real-time least-squares residual reporting.

Import Exterior Orientations - Exterior orientations from popular aerial triangulation adjustment programs may be imported in batch mode.


Project Management - Multiple project specific user definable settings easily adapt to any project requirements.

View Results in VrOne® - Since VrOne® has the ability to display up to 5000 images and up to 5000 vector files quality control is easy. Orthophoto results from VrOrtho or other orthophoto programs may be viewed in VrOne®.


Standard TIFF Format Support - The non propriety TIFF image format is supported in VrOne® as the native format. Tiled, raster and JPEG TIFF formats are supported in VrOrtho.


Features include


  • Easy to use

  • Batch processes large jobs

  • Interactive, user definable orthophoto areas

  • Image mosaic and balancing also available in VrOne®

  • Interactive single photo resection

  • Import exterior orientations from aerial triangulation programs

  • Transparent multiple layer DTM data import from VrOne®

  • Interactive orthophoto area select routine

  • Project management easily adapts to many requirements

  • Camera definition and setup

  • Ground control files entry/edit

  • Z interpolation based on TIN model (not grid)

  • Orthophoto image mosaic

  • Image balancing

  • Intuitive project definition

  • Easy to use interface

  • Simple ROI (region of interest) output definition

  • Uses standard TIFF non-proprietary image format

  • Fast output generation

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