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Image utilities for project management

Image Utility delivers image project management and image utilities along with automatic interior orientation.

In the digital image environment there are several tasks that are shared by several mapping applications.

These applications include Orthophoto production, aerial triangulation observation and processing and single model stereo orientations. The tasks these applications require include camera and coordinate definitions and interior image orientations.

These tasks may also include image processes such as image pyramid generation and image rotations.

Image project management is used to assign parameters to each image for later use. The image parameters include camera file definition, film strip location, image resolution and strip/photo number format definition.

Image Utility offers the ability to do many of these tasks in a batch mode so a job many be prepared unattended.

Features include

  •    Camera file maintenance including definition and editing
  •     Coordinate file maintenance including definition end editing
  •     Image parameter management
  •     Job interior orientation management
  •     Fully automatic interior orientation
  •     Manual interior orientation for problem fiducials
  •     Batch image rotation
  •     Batch image pyramid generation
  •     Included in standard Vr Mapping software delivery (not an extra)
  •     Easy to use interface
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