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Stereographic Mapping and Drones:
Taking UAS Mapping to the Limit


Flagler Beach Florida, October 2018 -  Christian Stallings, R & D Manager at McKim & Creed and Orrin Thomas, Software Engineer at Cardinal Systems LLC will discuss and detail whether you can accurately and consistently stereo compile from an inexpensive UAS system and what kind of accuracies should be expected from doing so during the upcoming DJI AirWorks event in Dallas Texas on November 1st.


“Stereographic Compilation: An Accuracy and Feasibility Study” will showcase where and how drone technology is making a difference compared to conventional survey methods as well as how drones are advancing civil engineering and surveying.The insights that the presenters will showcase are going to be as much about process and standards as they are pixels and points.


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UAS Module Added to the Vr Mapping


Flagler Beach Florida, September 2016 - Cardinal Systems, the producer of the Vr Mapping software, introduces VrUAS to the Vr Mapping Software. 

Vr Mapping supports the use of UAS imagery and while much of this falls within the parameters of existing, time-tested photogrammetric applications, other newer applications assist with the process. These include applications such camera calibration and Digital Surface Model (DSM) generation.


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New Modules are Added to Vr Aerial Triangulation


Flagler Beach Florida, July 2014 - Cardinal Systems confirms the addition of two new modules to its Vr Aerial Triangulation package, VrAutoTie and VrBundle.

Vr Auto Tie Point - Adds automatic generation of tie points in blocks of imagery. This module vastly reduces the man hours required to triangulate a block of imagery. Vr Bundle – Adds Adjustment with the ability to adjust difficult geometries including UAS, oblique, high oblique, close range, coincident cameras, without GPS or other camera position estimates. Both VrAutoTie and VrBundle are new and innovative additions and include ground breaking algorithms and methods.


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Mars Photogrammetry Drives Algorithm Devlopment


Flagler Beach Florida, September 2013 - Cardinal Systems’ Orrin Thomas is the lead engineer in developing new and innovative algorithms and methods for the tasks of automatic tie point generation between images and bundle adjustment.


Working with Cardinal Systems' Mike Kitaif, the new Automatic Tie Point (VrAutoTie) and Bundle Adjustment (VrBundle) are being integrated into the existing Vr Aerial Triangulation (VrAirTrig) software offered by Cardinal Systems. The new software was first used to set up imagery to analyze the volume of rocket exhaust erosion from the NASA Curiosity Rover landing in Mars' Gale crater.


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Cardinal Systems' Kitaif receives 2013 ASPRS Region Member of the Year


Flagler Beach Florida, September 2013 - Cardinal Systems’ Mike Kitaif was honored as Member of the Year by the Florida Region of ASPRS. Jeffrey Young, Florida ASPRS National Director, said “I have known Mike both professionally and personally for over twenty years, he has always shown a fervor for our business”. Mike is known for his professionalism and eagerness to share his knowledge, often visiting universities to describe his work and encouraging students to consider entering the field of geomatics.


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Orrin Thomas Joins Cardinal Systems as Software Engineer

Flagler Beach, Florida, September 13th 2012 – Cardinal Systems, LLC, the provider of the Vr Mapping suite of products, is pleased to announce that Orrin Thomas has joined the firm in the position of Software Engineer.

Mr. Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge in numerous areas including high-level Mathematics, Industrial and Aerospace Photogrammetry, Cartography, Land Surveying and Computer Programming to the Cardinal team. His experience includes working with NASA’s Image Science and Analysis Group and with the USGS Astrogeology Group.

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Cardinal Systems Introduces the VrController for the iPad


Flagler Beach, Florida, July 12th 2010 - The VrController iPad App allows the control of the Vr Mapping software using an Apple iPad as the touchscreen input device.  The VrController is available from the Apple App Store and may be downloaded to an iPad for free.

The iPad provides a powerful and seamless method for launching key-ins, Function Keys and Macros from an iPad to control functions in VrOne® and VrTwo. Unlike other touchscreen input devices, there are no requirements for extra graphics cards or wired connections.


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Cardinal Systems' Kitaif receives Certificate of Appreciation from NASA


Houston, Texas, April 22nd, 2006 - Gregory J. Byrne, Deputy Chief, Johnson Space Center Office for Human Exploration Science, issued Certificates of Appreciation to Cardinal System's Mike Kitaif for his work and support during the STS-114 Shuttle mission. 

During the STS-114 mission Vr Mapping was used to view and measure the foam loss on the External Tank after launch. It was also used by NASA engineers to view and measure a torn heat blanket under Commander Eileen Collins crew cabin window.


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Vr Mapping Flies with NASA


Houston, Texas, June 14th 2005 - Cardinal Systems, LLC is pleased to announce that its Vr Mapping Software has been selected by NASA for use in 3D analysis of potential tile and wing leading edge damage on upcoming Shuttle flights.

NASA will be utilizing VrOne® with VrTwo to quantify tile damage once the Shuttle is in orbit if needed.  An astronaut will go outside the vehicle to inspect for and photograph any Shuttle Thermal Protection System (TPS) and leading wing edge damage.  The digital images will be down-linked to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where the Image Science and Analysis Group will process them.  For the next few flights photogrammetry will be used as a backup to the active sensor suite on the OBSS boom.

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