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Cardinal Systems' Kitaif receives Certificate of Appreciation from NASA

Houston, Texas, April 22nd 2006 - On April 5th, 2006 Gregory J. Byrne, Deputy Chief, Johnson Space Center Office for Human Exploration Science, issued a Certificate of Appreciation to Cardinal System's Mike Kitaif for his work and support during the STS-114 Shuttle mission.


NASA's Image Science and Analysis Group (IS&AG) utilizes Cardinal System's Vr Mapping software for three-dimensional analysis of Shuttle Thermal Protection System and leading edge surfaces during space flight.


During the STS-114 mission Vr Mapping was used to view and measure the foam loss on the External Tank after launch.  It was also used by NASA engineers to view and measure a torn heat blanket under Commander Eileen Collins crew cabin window.  This analysis helped NASA make the decision not to make a final space walk to repair the area.

Kitaif will return to Johnson Space Center to supply technical assistance, if needed, during the STS-121 mission this summer.

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