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Vr Mapping Software

The NEW Standard


Cardinal Systems, LLC is a provider of software for use in the mapping industry. With a long and successful history of developing photogrammetric and mapping solutions, Cardinal Systems continues to provide the most powerful, pragmatic mapping tools available today.

VrTwo adds stereo viewing to the highly successful VrOne® editing and data capture package.

VrOne® is a powerful photogrammetric vector collection and editing system with Digital Terrain Modeling and image display capability. Photogrammetry today requires the mapping professional to deliver vector, image and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data as digital products. VrOne addresses many of the problems encountered in handling the collection, editing and plotting of vector, image and DTM data.

VrThree (VrLiDAR) integrates point cloud data into the time tested Vr Mapping Software packages, VrOne® and VrTwo.   This package allows the display and editing of LiDAR and point cloud data in true three-dimensional stereo.  The configurations available for VrThree enable vector, symbol and text entities to be collected and edited using the extensive VrOne/VrTwo mapping tools.


Cardinal Systems is dedicated to providing the best mapping software support possible.

With many years in the mapping industry, the support technicians at Cardinal Systems provide a rapid response to your software questions and issues.

Cutting edge software support including an on-line ticket support system for tracking progress on software support issues is one of the features of Vr Mapping support.

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