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Cardinal Systems adds new Aerial Triangulaion modules to the Vr Mapping Software

Flagler Beach, Florida, USA July 2014 — Cardinal Systems, the producer of the Vr Mapping software, confirms the addition of two new modules, VrAutoTie and VrBundle. 



Three components make up the Vr Mapping Aerial Triangulation software. Vr Air Trig is the base package and is required for the other AT modules to run.



Vr AirTrig - Interactive software for measuring control and tie points in blocks of imagery. Vr Auto Tie Point - Adds automatic generation of tie points in blocks of imagery. This module vastly reduces the man hours required to triangulate a block of imagery. Vr Bundle – Adds Adjustment with the ability to adjust difficult geometries including UAS, oblique, high oblique, close range, coincident cameras, without GPS or other camera position estimates.



About Cardinal Systems


Cardinal Systems, LLC is a provider of software solutions for use in the geospatial industry. We continue to provide the most powerful, pragmatic mapping tools available today. Cardinal’s corporate mission is to aggressively maintain its financial investment in software development while keeping abreast of its clients’ needs through superior service and response. Our commitment to innovation in the fields of photogrammetry, lidar and mapping and our focus on offering user-oriented, easy to use software continue to result in increased efficiency in the production environment. Our modules include: VrOne, VrTwo, VrLiDAR, VrAirTrig, VrAutoTie, VrBundle, VrOrtho and VrMosaic.



For more information, please contact:



Jane Smith

Cardinal Systems, LLC

+1 386 439 2525

VrAirTrig / VrAutoTie / VrBundle

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