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Control the VrMapping Software from the Apple iPad

NOTE: VrController support for the iPad ended with the release of iOS 11 (64-bit). The VrController is currently under redesign. The goal is to make the interface available for any device that uses a web browser.


The VrController iPad App allows you to control Vr Mapping software using an iPad as the command input device. The VrController is available free in the Apple App store.

The VrController app adds to the long history of touch input devices supported by Vr Mapping products, and we believe it is the best one yet.

The iPad provides a powerful and seamless method for launching commands in Vr software. Unlike other command input devices, there are no requirements for extra graphics cards or wired connections. The iPad connects wirelessly to VrOne® or VrTwo, and requires no configuration.

Features include


  •    Wireless connection

  •     Easy configuration

  •     Flexible button configuration allowing almost unlimited number of buttons

  •     Multiple categories of buttons with multiple pages per category

  •     Built-in command selection tool eliminates need to look up command names

  •     Rearrange buttons by dragging them to new location

  •     Customizable button background using color or image

  •     Customizable button text color

  •     Supports portrait or landscape modes

  •     Built-in MenuKeys support showing labels from the active command

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